Winner Announced

Congratulations to Kent Grabill with Audubon County Roads Department in Audubon, Iowa!  Kent was the winner of our drawing from last month’s survey. He will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

We appreciate everyone who took a few minutes to provide feedback in our training conference survey. The results gave us insight into what our customers would find most helpful in future training sessions.

The feedback from last month’s survey was so great that we decided to do another one. This time we’re asking for your input on what would be the most beneficial new development in our software.

City of Richland

AgTerra Connects With the City of Richland

In 2015 the City of Richland Washington approached AgTerra in search of a system that was simple to use yet powerful enough to automatically track and generate reports about where they applied chemicals for their invasive species management program. They also needed a system that they could easily customize to meet the specific reporting requirements the state of Washington demanded.

After an initial investigation they discovered that SprayLogger powered by MapItFast was the only system that met all of their needs and moved forward with the purchase of several units. Shortly after installation they also discovered an unexpected benefit of using the SprayLogger product was their ability to also track the water usage from the city street sweeper program.

After several years of use Paul Pardini, a main operator over the SprayLogger program for the City of Richland, gave a testimonial expressing his satisfaction with the response time, quality of equipment and high level of customer service he has enjoyed.

Watch the Video

Introducing Our New Online Form Builder

AgTerra Introduces its New Online Form Builder Tool

Our newly-released online form builder is designed to simplify form development with drag-and-drop design, quick list building, and instant form publishing all in one convenient location. Take a look at some of the highlights of the new form builder!

  • Simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop interface
  • Include text, numeric, pick lists with default values, photos and other widgets
  • Rapidly deploy to all team members in the field and over the web
  • Enable for use in MapItFast and/or SprayLogger
  • Pair with one or more printable and email-able reports

For a tutorial on how to use the Online Form Builder, check out the video below. And, for a complete list of Strider’s features, click here. Customers can also access online help resources for both the Online Form Builder and the Report Generator at

Reported Dicamba Crop Damage is High

Reported Dicamba Crop Damage is High

Dicamba, a broad-spectrum herbicide is used to control annual and perennial rose weeds.

AgPro reports over one million acres of dicamba damage across the US.  Improved training and understanding label requirements has made a difference, but it is still a big problem.

In studies by state departments of agricultural and University weed scientists, the number of complaints of dicamba damage in soybean growing states show that complaints have not seen much of a decrease in the last year.

There were some positive improvements due to training and changes in labeling, but overall the problem is not going away.

Not all states participated in the surveys, so the results only reflect investigations into those complaints that were reported.

AgTerra offers solutions for herbicide application tracking so that applicators in the field can provide accurate spray mapping and application reports to fulfill all data reporting requirements.

Read the entire article in AgPro

Read more about our solutions for herbicide application tracking

Behind the Scenes: Our Programmers at Work for You

What Makes Our Stuff Work?

The world of technology that we live in now is amazing.  We all use mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices daily.  Whether it’s to write an email or navigate to a location, mobile and web applications make everyday communication and activities just a little easier.    Behind all of these complex applications are computer programmers working behind the scenes to keep it all going.

At AgTerra, our software and hardware solutions are developed and maintained by a great group of software developers who tirelessly work to improve the products our customers have come to rely on.

AgTerra’s team of developers focuses on application design, development, debugging, testing and release, all with the end goal of improving and delivering products to help our customers work more efficiently. They are also relentlessly focused on security for the vast amount of customer data that we protect and store in the cloud with a robust back up system so we can safeguard that valuable information.

Software developers often speak in a language only they can understand and that language, or “code” is transformed into  applications that make our lives a bit easier.

When customers have technical problems, the programmers can wear different hats – they can help solve the problem through further explanation and assistance with the technology, or in some cases they must determine what the issue is, often by examining lines of code to find a small error or by constant testing and retesting to see what is working and what isn’t.

Our Team (pictured above from L-R)

Joe has been a software developer at AgTerra for 14 years.  His expertise is implementing and maintaining custom agricultural solutions for our customers.  When he isn’t programming, he loves playing golf with his wife.  He says “she almost always wins but she seldom gloats.”

Ryan has been with AgTerra for 8 years and works in the application development and maintenance side for MapItFast and Strider and also handles much of the data security and storage system.  In his spare time, he enjoys going camping and golfing.

Kyler has been at AgTerra for 3 years and focuses mainly on application development, updates and maintenance for Strider and SprayLogger.  Kyler enjoys deep sea diving as a hobby.

Audrey is completing an internship at AgTerra while she finishes her Master’s Degree in Computer Science.  She has been working on formatting application updates to the MapItFast mobile versions.  Audrey really likes to go fishing in her spare time.

So much goes on behind the scenes to make programs and applications function and provide the services they do.

So, the next time you download a streaming movie, send a text message, or log in to your MapItFast account, remember to silently thank a programmer!

We’re Hiring

AgTerra is looking to add another Software Developer to our growing team.  If you know someone who fits the bill, please share this with them.  Read the job description.

AgTerra Training Conference: We Need Your Input

We want you to be successful.  Part of that success is getting the most out of the products you have purchased from AgTerra.  Sometimes, even a refresher is helpful.  We are constantly making improvments and updates to our software and hardware, so a little bit of training can go a long way to saving you time and improving your efficiency.

We want to figure out the best way to provide this training for you.  Please take a moment to complete this short survey.  Your input will assist us in our planning.  Everyone who completes the survey will be entered to win an Amazon gift card!

June 2018: The Buzz on Mosquitoes and More

Useful Information


June 2018: The Buzz on Mosquitoes and More



Asked & Answered: What Are People Asking Us About?

Asked & Answered: What Are People Asking Us About?

Find out answers to questions you might have.

We’ve compiled a few commonly-asked questions along with our responses to help customers gain a better understanding of MapItFast and SprayLogger.

Why is my MapItFast app showing “Not Logged In” when I didn’t log out?

Make sure you are not using the same username and password as other people.  A MapItFast user license does not allow for simultaneous usage, so if another user recently logged in with the same username and password, your device was logged out. Setting up one user license per device will avoid the issue of a device getting unexpectedly logged out of MapItFast.

Why don’t I see my SprayLogger box listed in the SprayLogger menu on my app?

Make sure your SprayLogger unit is paired with your device via Bluetooth. If you have a new mobile device or you are connecting to a SprayLogger box for the first time, you may still need to pair the device via Bluetooth. This is done by going to Connections in your device settings menu (not the MapitFast app). Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, then search for available devices. When your device detects the SprayLogger box, you can select it to pair the device. Once the box is paired, you can return to MapItFast and the box should now show up in the SprayLogger dropdown menu.

How can I set a trigger on my form so the icon on the map changes when a value in the form is changed?

The Active Map Trigger feature works well with work order forms such as spray applications and repair tickets to give a visual, real-time status update of a MapItFast project. For example, a user could fill out a form with an Active Map Trigger to indicate an open work ticket, which a user in the field can edit and mark “complete” once the job is finished. The map trigger will automatically use the status of that form to change the color of the associated point, line or icon to show the current status of the work ticket.

Find out how to set up and use Active Map Triggers by watching this helpful video

What are Default Project Permissions in MapItFast?

When users create a new project, it’s not automatically visible to others until an administrator changes permissions for that project. This can become a hassle if users are creating projects on a daily basis and the administrator isn’t able to update the permissions right away. To help with this, we’ve set up the Default Permissions option in the MapItFast website. This page is located under the Users button and is only visible to account administrators.

To set default permissions, simply click “Add New” and choose the group or user to which to apply the settings. Setting the permissions for a group will make projects created by anyone in the group visible to others in the group and setting the permissions for a user will make any projects created by that user visible to the users specified in the default permission settings.

Will my SprayLogger or SnapMapper work with an iPhone?

Not at this time. We hope that this will be a possibility in the future, however our data logger hardware is currently only compatible with Android devices.



Awesome Support: Our New Online Customer Assistance Tool

Useful Information


AWESOME SUPPORT: Our New Online Customer Assistance Tool

Bethany is a GIS specialist at AgTerra who also provides customer support for mapping and form creation.

AgTerra provides customer help and support in a variety of ways.  The newest tool available to you is our online customer ticket system.  If you have a question or a problem, go to our ticketing page and quickly submit your question.

You will also be able to search other question and answers, FAQs, and topics to see if your problem has already been addressed.  There are many great features of this new system.  Your success is important to us, and we want to provide you with as many resources as possible to help you be successful with our products.

In addition to this new resource, we still have a variety of other resources to help you including:



June 24-30 is National Mosquito Control Awareness Week

Useful Information


June 24-30 is National Mosquito Awareness Week

Let’s give a shout out to all of the mosquito control workers in honor of Mosquito Control Awareness Week (June 24-30) for their important work in mosquito protection.

Do you know the best ways to keep mosquitoes away?

The 3 Ds of Mosquito Protection:

  1. Drain – mosquitoes require water to breed.  Make sure you empty any containers that have standing water and dispose of tires which can breed thousands of mosquitoes.
  2. Dress – wearing light colored loose fitting clothes can help keep mosquitoes away and prevent bites.  If you can, wear pants and long sleeve shirts.
  3. Defend – Use mosquito repellent that contains one or more of the repellents approved by the Environmental Protection Agency such as DEET, or Oil of lemon eucalyptus.
    (source:  The American Mosquito Control Association)

Introducing FoggerLogger

AgTerra’s new product, FoggerLogger is a one-of-a-kind complete hardware and software mosquito spraying and mapping solution for your Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging equipment.  This solution is easy to use and can be retro-fitted to work with your current spraying equipment.  Applicators automatically track, map and report in real-time.

Eliminate paper reporting!  You are able to retrieve and share stored jobs with others immediately or at a later date.

Key Features:

  • Answer just 2 to 5 questions to start a job and FoggerLogger will map your GPS location and record application details automatically.
  • Maps and application details may be viewed in real-time from your device or your desktop.
  • Detailed application reports are available from any job and date range and include area, distance, chemical usage, weather, job costs and more.
Find out more about FoggerLogger
Read a FoggerLogger Case Study