SprayLogger Calibration

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Calibrate your SprayLogger

Watch the video below to see how to calibrate your SprayLogger.

SprayLogger by AgTerra

pesticide application mapping and detailed reporting made simple

SprayLogger is an easy to use hardware and software system that automatically gathers application information. Simple to install, yet packed with powerful features, SprayLogger may be retrofitted on trucks, ATVs, watercraft, backpacks or other spray rigs and generates live, viewable maps and reports for every spray job. SprayLogger is simply the easiest way to generate professional application maps and reports without changing the way you spray. Now you can quickly exceed federal, state, and customer mapping and reporting requirements while avoiding the hassle and errors typically associated with making maps and filling out reports by hand.


Capture and view GPS location, spray width and application details at the moment of application from all applicators on every job.


Map all spray and no-spray activity in real-time with location and time.  Automatically capture exact area, targets, chemical amount and type from one or many tanks, spray sections and nozzles and more.


Create customized application reports that can be printed with detailed chemical usage, weather and job costing information for internal use, customer invoicing and more.


Allow authorized users to view applications in real time. Export to any GIS using shapefile, KMZ, GPX or use the optional API to integrate with ESRI geodatabases.

automated pesticide application mapping
pesticide application mapping and reporting