Kris Kringle Spotlight 2018

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The Holidays are Going Digital

See how it changed the game for Kris Kringle and his team of elves

Kris Kringle threw away his clipboard and replaced it with AgTerra’s mobile app!

You have to read this story to believe it!

When the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, one of our customers starts gearing up for his busiest time of the year. Kris Kringle, president and CEO of North Pole Industries, is a veteran wintertime traveler. His job requires him to make millions of stops at millions of households on one night in December. While he always manages to accomplish the task, his old method of pen and paper just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Kringle’s wife, Mrs. Kringle contacted AgTerra in 2016 after a particularly stressful season. “Kris always carried a clipboard with a list of his stops when he was on the road,” she recalls, “He was traveling through Casper, Wyoming, when a strong gust of wind ripped the clipboard from his hands. He had to make a special trip home just to get a new list, and that cost him precious time. He was out past the sunrise that year.”

When Kringle began using MapItFast in 2017, he wanted to see all possible delivery locations for the upcoming winter season on a map. To do this, he created a Data Dictionary on the website with the most common types of delivery stops: Good, Bad and Hazard.

Kringle set up a data dictionary in MapItFast to make is easy for his team to mark delivery locations in the field.

Active Map Triggers can turn a form into a powerful mapping tool. Triggers are set up on the Strider website..

Kringle then set up a group of seasonal users under monthly MapItFast and Strider accounts and equipped them all with mobile devices. He recalls of their training meeting: “It only took me a a few minutes to show them what to do. They learned about points, lines, polygons, the data dictionary and they were ready to roll.” During the spring and summer months, his team traveled the globe placing delivery markers in preparation for the big night in December.

It only took me a a few minutes to show [the elves] what they needed to do. They learned about points, lines, polygons, the data dictionary and they were ready to roll” – Kringle, on the MapItFast app


Hazards are inevitable in Kringle’s line of work. He needed a way to note dangerous situations for future reference while making deliveries.  He used AgTerra’s Online Form Builder to create a quick and easy form for collecting the date, time, notes about the incident and the type of hazard encountered. To further integrate the form with MapItFast, Kringle also created an Active Map Trigger in Strider to automate the icons in his project.

The steps for using an active map trigger are as easy as 1,2,3.

Mrs. Kringle’s favorite part about MapItFast is the user location feature. “If I ever need to know where Kris is along his route, I can just jump on MapItFast,” she said. “I can also use it to estimate when he’ll be home.”

Mrs. Kringle can track Kris’ location on a live, moving map so she always knows where he is on his route across the globe.

As North Pole Industries gears for for another big night, Kringle is confident he’s set for another successful season. “I’ve made my list and checked it twice,” he said, “and I know AgTerra is there to help when I need it.”