Easy Mapping and Spraying: Stand Out From the Competition

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Easy Mapping and Spraying: Stand Out From the Competition

Kyle White, a forestry consultant in land management at Acacia Forest Products, has been an AgTerra customer using SprayLogger and MapItFast for the past two years.  His company does weed control spraying for large landowners in Satsuma, Alabama.

One particular weed in this area is an invasive species called Cogon Grass.  It is a thick, aggressive grass that spreads rapidly in the pine plantations of Alabama.  According to he US Department of Agriculture, Cogon Grass is on the Federal list of noxious weeds and is designated as the world’s seventh worst weed.  It can destroy wildlife habitat and be damaging to the forest, pastures, and desirable vegetation.

Kyle said using MapItFast and SprayLogger makes paperwork a breeze and takes any guess work out of chemical application.  His customers are really happy with his services.

“The automated reports and maps are appealing to clients and have helped me land a couple of new contracts this year,” he said.  “This sets me apart from my competition.”

Kyle emphasized that the software is easy to use for all levels.  He has people of different ages and technology skill levels on his crew and all of them were able to learn it quickly.

He also really appreciates the level of customer service he receives from AgTerra.

Kyle explains, “if I have a problem, the customer service is second to none.  I have enjoyed working with AgTerra and look forward to growing my business with theirs.”