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AgTerra March 2017 Announcement

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Subject:Making the Black Hills Greener!
Preheader:MapItFast for pine beetle control is making healthier forests.
We at AgTerra are constantly impressed by the way customers use our products to help solve problems. This newsletter highlights the use of MapItFast to effectively monitor and control mountain pine beetle in the Black Hills of Wyoming. The green trees prove it!  We’ll also get you up to speed on some of the latest and greatest product news.
Pine Beetle Response in the Black Hills of Wyoming


The success story coming out of the Black Hills of Wyoming regarding pine beetle control is nothing short of amazing. Using AgTerra’s MapItFast and Strider forms, contractors have mapped, recorded and removed thousands of infested trees. As a result of their efforts, it is becoming harder and harder to find beetle infested trees in a now-healthier forest.  MapItFast continues to play an integral part in this ongoing project because contractors are able to conduct mapping activities on low cost devices with very little training or down time.  All data is automatically synced to a centralized database so that project coordinators can better manage contracting activities, data analysis and project progress.
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SnapMapper Monitors, Maps, and Reports on Any Equipment Operation

AgTerra introduced its latest product, SnapMapper, less than a year ago and the product has already gained popularity for mapping and recording equipment operations.  Used in combination with MapItFast, SnapMapper automatically creates map points and lines whenever a component on a piece of equipment is used.

SnapMapper is easy to install and will begin mapping whenever a button, switch, or lever is activated. This feature allows the user to focus on the job at hand rather than a mobile device. The examples below are just some of the ways customers are using SnapMapper:
  • Right-of-way mowing and brush cutting operations
  • Agriculture harvest operations
  • Salt spread and snow removal
  • Prairie dog and gopher bait applications
  • Seed spread on reclamation projects
  • Hazard trees in utility corridors
 Visit our SnapMapper web page to learn more about how easy and affordable it is to start mapping, tracking, and reporting on any piece of equipment.
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Lookup Tables Help You Populate and Speed Up Forms

Filling out forms in the field can be painful and time consuming, especially if you have repetitive data or you don’t have all of the required information on hand. Why not take advantage of the lookup function in Strider forms and reports?
The lookup function allows users to narrow down selections and auto-populate multiple data fields based upon a single field entry or selection. Lookup tables are easy to use. The user simply types or select from a list and any related data fields are automatically filled out.  For example, if a user selects the name of a chemical in a dropdown list, the EPA number, active ingredient, application amount, and other information related to that chemical will automatically fill
in the next section of the form. Forms are filled faster because there’s no need to remember or retype entries.
You can find more information on the lookup tool in the Strider Forms and Reports help guide at
Form Triggers Create Story Maps in Real-time

Maps help us visualize data and tell stories about that data in an instant.  When you look at a blue and red map of the United States, you immediately know which states voted Democrat and which voted Republican. Did you know you can build the same kind of map with MapItFast and have the colors of your point, line or polygon objects change according to an answer in a Strider form?

With the active map trigger function, MapItFast enables users to set unique icons and colors for map objects based upon a changing value in an attached form.  For instance, a point marking a work order location could be automatically changed from red to green as a technician completes the work order and updates a Strider form. This icon change will allow crew supervisors to  view and monitor work order status on the MapItFast web console or mobile device in real time.

To learn more about the Active Trigger Map function, simply search for the word “Trigger” in the online help guide, or click here to contact us for a live demo.

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Watch for future newsletters to read about more exciting new features and product updates. AgTerra is always working to help you maintain a professional image and gain a competitive advantage. Call us today to learn more about the products or, even better, request a live web demo to see it in action for yourself.
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