AgTerra June 2017 Announcement Newsletter

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AgTerra June 2017 Announcement Newsletter

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Subject:Field records are costing you a LOT more than you realize!
Preheader:Latest news from AgTerra and answers to common customer questions

Whether it’s a point on a map, spray lines behind a truck, or a detailed vegetation survey, AgTerra continues to make maps and records easy to capture and easy to access. AgTerra’s electronic data collection solutions improve workflow saving time and errors associated with training, gathering data and filling records.


This month’s articles highlight some of the latest software developments as well as a section that answers a few common MapItFast questions.
Know Your Tools:
Unlock the power of MapItFast with mass selection tools!

Collecting data with MapItFast is easy, but sometimes that data needs to be modified. What if a user adds several polygons to the wrong project?
What if you import a file from Google Earth and want to change the icon or color of certain objects? The latest set of desktop tools for MapItFast were designed for scenarios just like these, and more.
The search and select tools on the MapItFast website interface allow users to sort and select objects by keyword, date range, or by drawing around them with the box select tool or lasso tool.
Once objects are selected, MapItFast will count the number of points, total polygon area, and total line distance, all of which is displayed in a convenient pop-up window. The selected objects can be edited, renamed, moved to different projects, copied to a project or layerset, or associated with a single Strider form.
With MapItFast’s search and select tools you can combine data from smaller projects into a larger one, or create new smaller projects for convenient use in the field.
For more information on MapItFast, 
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Active Map Triggers:

See job status updates instantly!
When it comes to completing jobs in the field, time is everything. If a crew visits a site only to find that it was treated earlier by a different crew, that’s time lost. This problem can be avoided with the use of Active Map Triggers.
Here’s an example…
Site inspectors travel to points colored red on a MapItFast project. After they perform the necessary inspections, they select “Complete” in a Strider form. The red icon automatically changes to yellow on the map.
Now, both the job supervisor and other field inspectors know what sites have been completed and what remains simply by glancing at their mobile devices or desktop application.
To learn more about the Active Trigger Map function, simply search for the word “Trigger” in the online help guide, or click here to contact us for a live demo.

Asked & Answered

AgTerra answers commonly-asked questions about MapItFast


When it comes to software, even the most tech-savvy users find themselves asking for clarification on a unique application feature or website tool. MapItFast is no different. Here are answers to some common MapItFast questions we received this past Spring.
How do I add a user to MapItFast?
Adding a user to MapItFast is easy, and an account administrators can do it all from their own computer…(Read More)
I forgot my password and I’m not able to retrieve it.  What can I do?
User passwords are reset by sending a temporary password to the email address associated with a username… (Read More)


MapItFast stopped following my location. What do I do?
When the yellow location triangle stops moving on the map, it can mean one of several things… (Read More)
How often can I expect updates for MapItFast?
MapItFast updates can occur as often as a couple times a week or as little as once a month… (Read More)
AgTerra Update:
More convenient payment options

Did you know that AgTerra offers several payment options? We’ve added additional options for payment. Customers may pay with credit cards, ACH, or by mail.  If you would like to simplify the monthly payment process, we also offer options to pay for monthly services in advance.  Please note our mailing address is:
AgTerra Technologies, Inc.
212 W. Burkitt St.
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To learn what options are best for you, contact

Watch for future newsletters to read about more exciting new features and product updates. AgTerra is always working to help you maintain a professional image and gain a competitive advantage. Call us today to learn more about the products or, even better, request a live web demo to see it in action for yourself.
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