Tablet Systems to Consider

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Which Tablet is Best?

We get this question a lot.  What tablet is best for collecting data with MapItFast and Strider?  Any Android device on the market today will most likely meet or exceed the requirements of AgTerra’s apps, however some devices stand out from the pack.

The Tablet We Recommend

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 8.0

Samsung makes great products. Their smartphones and tablets have reliable hardware including high-sensitivity GPS, bright displays, good on-board cameras and more.  The software included on most units also helps to make the devices useful for all your business productivity needs. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is tablet definitely worth considering for field use. As an mid-sized tablet with an 8″ display, it is easy to hold in one hand.  Many people like the idea of a larger display (the S3 is also available in a 9.7″ size), but these units can be difficult to carry and consume more battery  while working in the field. The 8″ S2 gives users the feel of a big screen while still making it easy to map and fill forms in the fields.

The Tab S3 has excellent display, GPS, and camera features.  The high resolution display is suitable for use in direct sunlight and the built-in GPS is accurate within 3-5 meters (common for most off-the-shelf GPS units).  We have found that it works well even in canyons and heavy vegetation.  The on-board camera takes high quality pictures which can be geo-tagged in MapItFast or added to Strider forms.  Data entry is further enhanced with optional voice to text entry that works well even with considerable background noise.

If you are using the Galaxy Tab S3 with MapItFast and storing quite a bit of data (i.e. custom basemaps or layersets), you will want to take advantage of the external SD card. Not all devices have external SD card capability and this is key feature to look for if you often use MapItFast and Strider while offline.

Other Recommendations

If you prefer to work from a smartphone, consider the Galaxy S7.  The S7 has all the features of the S3, but has even better screen resolution and a higher resolution camera.  The battery life on the S3 and S7 are very good.  You can expect a full day of use.  However, MapItFast does consume quite a bit of power for GPS and synchronization and we have learned that external battery chargers can be very useful.   If you are working in the field for extended periods of time, we recommend carrying an external battery, such as Zero Lemon , for charging.